The Brigade does not just fight fires, but also acts to promote fire prevention, protection and safety. The Brigade works closely with DFES (formerly FESA), the Fire and Rescue Services (both career and volunteer) and the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW).

Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades operate under Local Government and are supplied by DFES. They receive call-outs for car fires, scrub, bush and wildfires, storm damage and many other areas. Fire and Rescue, however, act in urban areas and deal with rescue, bushfire and structure fire incidents. Their role, and ours, overlaps when it comes to rural-urban fringe bushfires or when a certain element of one form of brigade’s role exists in an incident covered by another (e.g. Fire and Rescue will attend a Bush Fire Service rubbish fire call-out if the rubbish contains hazardous materials/chemicals).

Bush Fire Brigades also work closely with DPaW when their land is involved in an incident. Due to geographical location and responsibility boundaries,  both DPaW and the brigade often find themselves operating alongside one another.

The Wanneroo Central Brigade is one of four (4) brigades in the City of Wanneroo Fire Services along with Two Rocks, Quinns Rocks and Wanneroo Fire Support Brigades (please visit the links below).


Emergency Number 000