Wanneroo Fire Support Brigade Vehicles

Fire Support Vehicle (FSV)
The FSV plays a vital role on and off the fire ground. It’s used to transport support crews, Deputy Chief Fire Control Officers and other personnel around, to and from the fire ground. It’s also used to carry equipment and eskies that contain refreshments for firefighters on the ground.

12.2, Bulk Water Tanker
The 12.2 is the newest addition to the City of Wanneroo Fleet. It’s 12 000 litre capacity for water makes it a great resource for water supply to Helitac collar tanks and other lighter/smaller appliances. Thus it’s main role is to act as a water point but it may also be used to transport equipment amongst other things.

Incident Control Vehicle (ICV)
The ICV is the main control point on the fireground. It is essential when many crews from various agencies are in attendance. It’s also essential in keeping crews on the ground and in the air safe. The ICV contains radios, laptops, whiteboards and battleboards, and carries a generator.

P1030536 P1030524

Emergency Number 000